Debt Management

Businesses can only survive and be successful when their clients pay their bills on time. When clients stop making payments, the bottom line of the service provider is significantly impacted. In such cases, the most effective solution is to involve a company that specialized in the resolution of this kind of problem. The Debt Management Division of Hori-Zone Information and Security Office is your answer to this problem. It has been a successful and long recognized player in the Hungarian security market.

All of our work is performed is performed in a professional, legal and ethical framework. With this in mind, our goal is to get a high percentage of receivables owed to our clients returned in the shortest time possible. This is critically important to not only your business but to our reputation as a security company.

To this end, we offer following services:

– debt management for individuals and companies/groups to the extent required by the client.
– flat rate agreements that provide for immediate consultant services.
– framework agreements are also available which provide the management of all invoices issued by the client.
– a review of our client’s situation with a proposed solution to unique and complicated cases.
– crisis management and project monitoring for the construction industry.

During debt management, we focus on investigating the debtor’s financial solvency, banking practices, business assets and their network of relations and business partners. Upon complete analysis, we will provide you with potential solution to your problem.

A priority for us to provide immediate services to individuals or businesses who are already experiencing financial difficulty with their clients. Extensive – long term delay in collecting receivables can put a business in serious financial difficulty. We are here to help you.

Put your trust in us!

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