Property Protection

Hori-Zone’s also employs experts who are specialists in property protection. We have been very successful in handling special and complicated cases. Our customers can be confident that we will find a solution for their problems even in the most difficult legal situation.

Our goal is to protect your property within legal constraints. We also assure, to the best of our ability and outside of extreme circumstances, that no harm will come to your property. Should a dispute occur, we will stand with and by you during any dispute regarding your property until a resolution takes place. Our Property Protection Division works towards and usually finds legal solutions to apparently unsolvable situations.

Our Property Protection staff is well known for its professionalism and forms the basis for our recognized position as a premier private property security agency. The protection of private property is a priority for Hori-Zone

As we prepare for a property management case, a team of specialized lawyers and specialist review the situation and provide a comment on the case. At the same time, private investigators collect and analyze relevant information – generally regarding the property and any potential conflicts with outside parties.

Based on the legal analysis and projected resolutions, a detailed action plan is formulated and presented to our client. Our action plan is intended to address any and all unanticipated consequences related to the protection of property. This includes an adequate and extensive inventory of property. Our Inventory Division is very skilled at managing this aspect of Property Protection.

Another result of this detailed preparatory work is that we will have answers for your “what-if” scenarios. We do not want to have a situation or dispute arise that has not been considered or that could endanger licenses or give rise to civil litigation. Our previous clients have found this very helpful

As a last but very important point – Hori-zone has been a long time member and financial and professional supporter of Magyar Birtokvédelmi Szövetség (MABIV – Hungarian Association of Property Protection). This long term relationship with MABIV give us access to the practical experiences of its members along with access to member recommendations and suggestions based on real life experiences – including how to handle situations related to property disputes, the arbitrary and illegal occupation of apartments, the occupation of properties by the housing mafia and cases connected to gaining unauthorized business advantages.

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