Private Investigation

Private investigation is one of the key activities of our office. It can also be very complicated so we pay special attention to private investigation

The following lists ten important pieces of private investigation information for our future customers:

– We are ISO certified by four important professional organizations (MIR, KIR, MEBIR, IBIR).

– In every case, we exclusively work according to the current law.

– In our office, our clients will find experienced colleagues who are experts in the fields of law enforcement and economic protection.

– We have a large and experienced network of Hungarian and international experts available to assist our work.

– If you are victim – as an individual or as a company – of a criminal act, we always keep continuous connection with the investigation authority. In doing this, we accelerate and support the legal process involved in your case.

– Our activity covers the entire territory of Hungary: local problems are solved together with local professional colleagues who know local conditions, customs and individuals.

– If necessary, we can fulfill orders or requests that take us outside the territory of Hungary. Again – our extensive network of professional international colleagues gives us an a private investigation advantage that other companies don’t have.

– Besides gathering and handing over information, we offer further special assistance for solving cases, e.g. psychologist, attorney, etc.

– All the information gathered inside your order/request is handled with discretion and privacy. We guarantee this with our ISO certified data management system and our internal case management.

– One of the strengths of Hori-Zone is that all of his 10 divisions work in synergy, supporting each other’s activities. Thus, we can offer you a solution should your case/problem grows beyond private investigation.

We pride ourselves on the fact that nothing about our private investigations are mysterious or hidden. Transparency for our clients is our priority. We don’t want any surprises and we have found that our clients don’t like them either. With that in mind – we get better solutions.

Fields of our private Investigation:

– Detection of Insurance Fraud
– Company Information, Company Background Checks

– Quick Company Information
– Family Information

– Finding Hidden Fortunes and Debtors
– Supervision of Construction Projects

– Graphology (handwriting) Analysis

– Polygraph and Psychological Analyses

– Information for Law Firms
– Real Estate Situations
– Tracing Persons with unknown Residence

– Investigation of Way of Life

– Investigation of Business Partners

– Protective Measures for Businesses

– Surveillance

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