Welcome to the Hori-Zone group of companies

Contrary to the established practice in the Hungarian domestic market, our company strives to offer a quick and effective response, a complete solution to all the client’s problems. We aim to provide all our clients with a single company solution for all existing and future security needs, giving our clients peace of mind that their security is in safe hands.

Our success is due to our multinational professional relationships, our team of experts, our high-quality technical systems, our quality- assurance certification, and the expertise of our staff selected individually for their specific skills and strengths.

In addition to simple, quick-to-solve issues, we also provide effective solutions to our clients professionally handling larger, more diversified, and protracted cases. We ensure that we always carry out our assignment discreetly, in accordance with our principles of legality, professionalism, and reliability.

Since its foundation in 2003 with the establishment of Hori-Zone Információs és Biztonsági Iroda Kft., the complete satisfaction of our clients has been the aim closest to our owners hearts. This can only be achieved by our providing a high-quality service.

Both are nationally recognised representatives of the private security sector. The high level of professionalism of the company of groups is guaranteed by the manager – responsible for its operational and professional oversight, – who served for two decades in law enforcement, first as a subordinate, then as head of department before becoming Police Commissioner.



Allow us to present our group of companies in detail.

Our mothership is Hori-Zone Információs és Biztonsági Iroda Kft. with the main activity of security-guarding. Our security staff is professional, consisting of appropriately qualified employees. We place a great emphasis on the selection, training, and inspection of all our team.

The selection process is multiple-stage, which allows us to secure the best-suited colleagues for the given job to provide satisfaction to our clients. Once hired, colleagues receive further professional training and support. Through this system of professional enhancement, we ensure our preparedness and motivation.

Following our ideology, we are not “one among many”, but strive to stand out from the rest of the market in every way. Our colleagues can call on our 0–24-hour dispatch service, our regional managers, and the day and night supervisors, in addition to which, they can also turn to the management of our security department, as necessary. A vast number of our security teams are utilised at various locations.

This includes financial institutions, ports, airports, warehouses, an office tower, hotels, construction sites, and a shopping mall.

Our unique activities also include armed guards and professional traffic management. In addition to the mandatory quarterly shooting practice requirements, we provide our licensed armed colleagues the opportunity to participate in various professional pieces of training with the involvement of external specialists.

Clothing: here, we also stand out from other security companies. We provide our guards with high-quality clothing best suited to their current job. Many of our partners require that security guards also have foreign language skills. In contrast to our competition, we are able to provide suitably skilled colleagues for our clients.

The professional supervision of our colleagues is carried out not only by our supervisors but also through our electronic patrol inspection system, through which we can send daily notifications online as needed. This allows our clients to ensure that our colleagues perform their tasks as required.

Private Investigation

Our private investigators are professionals with a great deal of law enforcement knowledge and experience. In addition to obtaining information for the client, we provide additional special assistance in handling cases, with our lawyers or other employees or associates with special expertise (e.g., a graphologist or linguist).

We take the information obtained during the assignment discreetly and confidentially, which is guaranteed under our ISO certified data management system and our internal case management.

Due to the structure of our group of companies, we can perform the following:

  • Carry out inspections of management offices and in news-sensitive areas.
  • We can filter out (technical) attempts to obtain business news and secrets,
  • During the security work (throughout customer areas) it may be necessary to employ colleagues in civilian clothing who, based on their experience and preparedness, can identify suspicious persons and affairs to prevent possible crimes (e.g. package, bag or phone theft, or pickpocketing). Clients may request a consultation using their employees’ initial or regular voice analysis or polygraph testing.
  • complex security audits,
  • Conduct internal investigations,
  • Internal auditor tasks.

Security Systems

While a 100% security level can not be assured, the overall goal is to minimize the risk. Therefore, it is essential to support live protection, in addition to fixed mechanical safety, with an electronic security system (electronic protection), thus increasing the level of security and the quality of our service. Our security system department is a dynamically developing section of the Hori-Zone group of companies.

Cleaning and Hygiene Services

Although the profile of Hori-Zone’s cleaning department differs from the other areas of activity presented above, it is identical in structure and operating principles to the structural guidelines of the different sectors of the group. Through the trust developed in our relationships with our clients, and their satisfaction with our group of companies, more and more clients are requesting cleaning services from us also.

Our services have a history of more than a quarter of a century of providing first-class professional expertise for our customers. From a safety point of view, cleaning is not a negligible risk. Therefore, the cleaning staff members are only hired after an environmental study and criminal record check. In addition, we can minimize the security risks of a cleaning service by providing a competitive salary and an appreciation programme for colleagues (education, motivational programs, rewards).

Possession Protection Management

The Hori-Zone Group Kft., Possession Protection department has become the market leader. After reviewing and legally evaluating all the documents in the cases we handle, we suggest various solutions to our clients, to avoid litigation that can take years (e.g., eviction litigation).

Disputes related to real estate cases can arise from claims, e.g (sub)lease contracts, business contracts, or construction contracts. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the Civil Code when legally securing our clients’ movable and immovable property.

This will enable our clients to take possession of their property as quickly as possible. During our assignments, we also provide our clients with practical assistance in local government procedures for any protection of possessions that may be initiated.

Possession protection is typically an area where we offer legal services and prompt procedures for issues that cannot be postponed. As a result of our evaluation and analysis work outlined above, situations should always be planned for and we should always have solutions.


There are twists and turns in the life of any company. Hence the need for inventory. This is an essential practice inherent in the management of property disputes. We prefer our clients to receive the stock in digital and paper form, suitable for use as evidence in any official or litigation proceedings. We can even have an inventory provided as a notarized deed if necessary.

Event and Door Security

The main profile of Hori-Zone DSP Kft. is to guarantee the safety and security of various events, venues, and discos.

The department’s name is the acronym DSP of the English term Door Security Personnel. Our experienced and courteous staff is available to our clients at virtually every period of an event, from the arrival of the guests to handling admissions to performing mass management tasks. As the guests’ first impressions are tied to our colleagues, we emphasise the selection of our employees. Key to their success is a polite but determined, professional attitude. In addition, our colleagues’ high-quality uniforms match the nature of the assignment, ensuring they project the required image.

This short but concise introduction cannot present the full scope of all the professional activities our group of companies performed. We Trust that we will have the opportunity of discussing all the options in more detail during a personal meeting. We sincerely hope that we have inspired you with the complexity of our services and that we will soon be able to welcome you amongst our satisfied clients.

Within the DSP department, our company’s bodyguard sector operates. Our personal protection work is performed exclusively by our well-turned-out, language-speaking, highly trained, and tried-and-tested colleagues representing Hungary’s professional elite. We are proud that our clients include many returning foreign and domestic clients, recognising our work and reliability.

Debt Collection

Hori-Zone Kollektor Kft specializes in debt and claims management. The continuous deterioration of payment morale is one of the significant obstacles to a successful business operation. In such cases, the most effective solution is to involve a company specializing in these problems. The debt management department of the Hori-Zone group of companies is crucial and a highly successful and recognized actor in the domestic market., We carry out our work within a legal and ethical framework of firm action and a secure legal background to recover the outstanding receivables of our clients in the highest possible proportion and in the shortest possible time.

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