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Hori-Zone Információs és Biztonsági Iroda Kft. (Hori-Zone Information and Security Bureau, Ltd.) was founded in 2003 by three innovative Hungarian businessmen. With all that is going on in the world, the founders saw security as a critical issue and developed a security company that could address the growing security concerns of individuals and businesses.

Needless to say, our security oriented colleagues have successfully solved many complicated cases and all security requests are handled with discretion and complete privacy. Once personal meetings/introductions have been completed, letters of recommendation from previous customers will be released for your review in our office.

Unlike the common practice in the market, we do not offer limited services. Our goal is to offer complete solutions for every kind of security concern/problem that may arise. We believe that this is the best way to offer service to our customers. Our services are not only complete but also time and cost effective. We are convinced that the most convenient and transparent solution for our customers is to have all the problems solved inside one organization, rather than contracting with outside companies. We have found that this fragmented approach is not the best way to provide security services to our customers.

The successful operation of our company is largely due to our partnership and close contact with security businesses in other countries, our professional and well trained staff, our high degree of technical background and knowledge, our tried and true quality assurance system and the professionalism of our colleagues.

We pride ourselves in performing our job by using recognized security experts and using high quality technology. This has allowed us to be an ongoing partner and security service provider with leading corporate and individual clients. Again, we assure you that we will manage and handle your security needs in a professional manner, according to the law and also with complete discretion, privacy and reliability.

Hori-Zone Információs és Biztonsági Iroda Kft can handle not only small problems that look easy and quick to fix but Hori-Zone Információs és Biztonsági Iroda also offers effective and long term assistance to our clients in the accurate and professional handling of larger and more complicated cases.

Should you want to inquire about how we can help you – we are more than willing to meet with you to discuss your security concerns and issues. Please see (: Contact us) for telephone and email contact information.

Again – we believe we can assist you with your security concerns and look forward to discussing these matters with you.

Horváth Zoltán

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Max City
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